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New Players | Job Tutoiral | How to do the Tailor Job.

How to do the Tailor Job. The Tailor Job is one of the jobs that seem to be popular with our community. In this job, you travel throughout the city designing and delivering clothing.   Step 1: Travel to the Clothing Factory, pick up your Uniform and supplied Vehicle.   Step 2: Travel to the

PandemoniumRP | Animation Hotkeys | Developer Update

While you guys have been busy roleplaying in our city. Our Skygod Sabbo has been busy working on some nifty Hotkey animations for you guys to use! We realised that we needed some hotkey animations due to streamers and players standing and interacting without doing anything. I’m excited to announce that this means that we

New Players | Job Tutorial | Sanitation Job

How to do the Sanitation Job. The Sanitation Job is one of the best jobs within the city that allows you to earn cash with ease. In this tutorial, the PandemoniumRP Staff will be showing you how to do the Sanitation Job. Each vehicle will give you a different payout from the deliveries and you will

New Players | Job Tutorial | How to do the Bank Security Job

How to Do the Bank Security Job (with Video Tutorial.) In this video tutorial, we show you guys how to do the Bank Security Job for FiveM GTA V Roleplay Servers. When starting the Bank Security Job you will start at the Job Centre and travel to the Union Depository Offices. Once you have arrived,

New Players: Roleplay Language Translation Guide

Roleplaying on a new server can be daunting, especially if you have never heard anyone use Roleplay Language. Today I am going to give you a basic roleplay language translation guide for newer players to help you thrive in our city. Wither it be referencing NPC’s or Logging Off, PandemoniumRP has your back!   1.

New Players: Server Commands to Conquer

When joining our server at first things can be confusing because things are different here in comparison to other servers. Our server works off of commands, mainly because in real life certain things would happen in places where we can’t put storage or blips. So we thought we would create a post which contains all

New Players: Fixing Your Sound Settings

Due to FiveM being a mod of your Sound settings will have reset and will not have carried over from GTA V.   I Can’t Hear What People Are Saying, HELP ME!!! Usually, when you can’t hear people talking it means one of three things: 1. Everyone in the city is mute and the apocalypse

Top 3 Useful Tips When Seeking Medical Roleplay

When new players first join servers they can be unsure of how to interact during medical roleplay. Here at PandemoniumRP, we thought it would be useful to give a helping hand to those who are new to experiencing Medical roleplay.   1. Contact EMS Staff Beforehand If You Have Planned Role Play. If you are

Top Five Tips for Players Who Are New to Roleplay.

Roleplay can be difficult at the best of times for experienced players. However, for new roleplayers, joining a new community and server can be a daunting experience, especially when surrounded by well-established characters. If you are new to roleplay then here are some tips for you to read before you create your character. 1. Use