Laws of the Panda

Speak English.
Due to the nature of online gaming, we require a single language so we can successfully moderate without miscommunications.
If you are speaking in a different language, admins will request that you speak English. Should you refuse you will be kicked or banned from the community.

Community Respect.
Causing Drama and disrespecting players out of character or the server will cause you to have a warning from one of our staff members. Should you continue to disrespect the community, you will be banned. However, this is completely at the admin’s discretion.

No Firestarting.
Enticing Drama between PandemoniumRP and another Roleplay Community, a Streamer from this server or a Streamer from another community is prohibited. If you have an issue within the server or community, then please feel free to ask the server staff for some help with your situation. We do not want to have Drama with other communities or people OOC. Should you break this rule, you will be given a warning. Should you continue to break this rule after a warning, you will be asked you leave the community.

No Random Deathmatching.
Walking up to a civilian and killing them without any valid roleplay reason will result in your character being detained and arrested for attempted murder or murder of a civilian. However, this will only apply to trusted members of the community. If you are new, killing people without inciting via voice, text or /me is classed as FailRP and will be punished by a Kick or Ban. Punishment of Regular and New members of the community will be left to the admin’s discretion.

No Vehicle Deathmatching.
Deliberately running over a Civilian without any valid roleplay reason will result in your character being detained and arrested for attempted murder or murder of a civilian. However, this will only apply to trusted members of the community. If you are new, killing people without inciting via voice, text or /me is classed as FailRP and will be punished by a Kick or Ban. Punishment of Regular and New members of the community will be left to the admin’s discretion.

Do Not Force RP.
Forcing civilians into RP scenarios without their permission grants them the ability to ignore the situation completely. However, this only applies to the following situations:
Rape RP, Assassinations and torture. You cannot force someone to die, however, you can attempt to murder them.

However, if a player is exploiting this rule, then you can ask for an admin overrule and at least two admins have to agree to it.

New Life Rule.
If your character has been shot or stabbed, you will be able to remember what happened to you. However, you can’t return to the scene of the crime until after 5 minutes.

Serious Medical & Crime RP.
If you are planning to put your character into a serious roleplay situation (Coma, Death, Drug overdose) you should alert someone from EMS and Police at least 24hrs before the situation happens. Should you fail to contact anyone beforehand your call will be dealt with by local EMS or Police. This is so EMS and Police can research into their roleplay on how to playout the situation correctly. After the situation has happened you should notify a member of the police on what evidence they will find out of character.

Using out of character knowledge or knowledge gained by stream sniping to affect the outcome of a roleplay situation is frowned upon by our community and will get you kicked or deported from the city.  

Roleplaying in a way that stops others from having fun or abusing mechanics so your character can “win” is viewed as power gaming.  Roleplaying as someone else’s character without notifying server staff is also a punishable offence. Depending on the situation you could be arrested or deported from the city.

Exploits and Bugs.
Bug and Command Exploits, Hacking, Combat logging, DDOSing, and DDOS threats are all deportable offences within the city. If you find a bug within the city report it in the bug reports section in discord. If you abuse the commands or bugs, you will be removed from the city.


You will not be banned if you report these bugs or exploits to our staff right away.

Combat Logging.
If you have been involved with an active RP, you must wait for 15 minutes after escaping or being arrested before you can disconnect. Should you have any reasons as to why you cannot wait, then please notify the admin and players involved via OOC chat and Discord.

Sexual Assault and Torture RP.
Should you want to Roleplay sexual assault, kidnapping or torture. You must have out of character permission from your victim first. The victim can revoke permission at any point during the RP. If your character is caught, they will be punished by being sent to prison. You will also need someones permission to kidnap and kill them (unless they are a baldie.) Baldies are default characters and do not have any rights until they change their appearance.

If you are roleplaying as a Hitman or Assassin, out of respect for other players, you should send your target a copy of the contract out of character to allow them to prepare. However, victims choice on if they wish to permanently kill their character or not.

Black Market Weapons and Vehicles.
Black Market Vehicles and Heavy Weapons (Rockets, AR’s, Sniper Rifles, Miniguns, and Bombs) should only be used during intense and planned roleplay situations such as Heists, Assassinations, Convoys or when guarding your Business/Real Estate. Weapons such as Melee, Jerry Cans, and Shotguns can be used at any point.

Abusing these weapons will cause you to be arrested and have your them stripped from you.

When Robbing a Bank or Store, it is mandatory that you negotiate with the police while you are waiting for the Robbery Timer to complete. DO NOT shoot the police while they are arriving and setting up. Should you get trigger happy without negotiation, the police will respond with brute force, attack those involved and arrest you.

Drugs & Vehicle Inventory.
While we are a CrimeRP friendly server, we do not allow people to exploit vehicle inventories while doing drug runs. Using /Valet and /Park to spawn your cars in places that don’t make sense and fill up their inventory is FailRP. Should you decide to do this, you will receive a warning via a Kick. If you have received a warning and continue to exploit the vehicle inventory, you will be deported.

Streamer Harassment.
Anyone who is caught harassing streamers about being banned, will NOT be allowed to appeal.

Breaking Character & Unrealistic Roleplay.
Doing stupid things such as using Adrenaline Pens during Hot situations, Spawning Objects, using language such as “This Game” or “IRL”  and driving your car after you have been pit manoeuvred twice is unrealistic and breaks immersion. Punishment for breaking this rule is a charge for Witchcraft. This will be left to the  Officers and Admins discretion. Breaking character via Voice can result in a kick or ban from an admin or mod depending on the severity of the situation.

If you do need to break character, please go into a car and set yourself to whisper or preferably use /ooc.

Character Blurring & Separation.
Both you and your character are two different people. Just because someone doesn’t like your character in the city, does not mean they dislike you IRL. Should you struggle with this, it is recommended that you take a small break and speak to an admin or mod for assistance.

We don’t tolerate people who break rules. Punishment of breaking them will be left to the admin’s discretion. First-time rule breakers will receive a kick as a warning, should they continue to break rules they will be banned.

8 Replies to “Laws of the Panda

    1. There are no rules in regards to police cars because that kind of crime happens irl.

      Our server is an English Speaking server, it’s not racist to request that players all speak a common language. Something which you clearly speak as you have responded to the post in English.
      How can you expect us to admin a server if we can’t understand what people are saying?

      Also, you were harassing streamers WHICH IS AGAINST THE RULES.

      We wish you luck and hope you find what you are looking for roleplay wise elsewhere. 🙂

  1. I don’t know if I over looked it but what about if something like two shots from a cop destroys your car? Sorry I am new to this stuff and I don’t know if this has ever happened.

    1. What would happen would be the same as what happens IRL.

      The Cop would tase the tires (unless it’s Stryker as he is more military than a cop.)
      Should you fail to still stop, the cops would use further excessive force to stop your character becoming a danger
      to pedestrians. They would then shoot the tires if the tasers failed or if there was a long distance between them and the vehicle. They would shoot you as a last resort.

      Once they have shot you, your vehicle will be impounded and you will be treated by a doctor or medic either on the scene or in hospital. Once you have finished being treated, you will
      be sent to jail or state prison depending on the charges you have wracked up. I hope this helped. 😀

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