Ch-Ch-Changes for 13/12/2017


Our developers have been hard at work this week making ch-ch-changes to the server. So busy to the point of where I (Dapper) will be writing the development blogs on behalf of the team.


New Player Changes.

Back in the olden days, where men and women had pyramids to build. New players would spawn in random locations such as Parks, street corners, and Mountains. While these were lovely locations to look at, we didn’t think newer players would enjoy being attacked my Murder Kitties so we changed the location spawn point to the Job Centre.


Mighty Fine.

There have been a few adjustments made to the Police Department. We have added more generic fines to the Police Menu for common crimes. Our team has also changed the entire Police, FBI and Sheriff Fleets to balance out vehicles for patrolling and chasing. Police officers will also now be able to use the in Helicopter Camera, Searchlight and will also be able to rappel down on to high buildings.



The 24/7 store that is near Mount Chiliad is now robbable and all of our stores now also sell Cigarettes



Our Lead Developer has moved the Weed Acquisition to a different location. This was because a lot of newer players were arriving into the city and were grinding illegal jobs due to being familiar with the ESX framework. The development team is also in discussion about moving more drug locations around the map.


Ooh, Shiny.

Our Lead Developer has added in the Tricolore and Tornado to the PDM.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas.

We now have beautiful holiday decorations on display at Legion Square. You can find a video of our display on our twitter.



Work Work Work Work.

While we have made those changes we are right now working on the following:

  • Adding Low-end Apartments.
  • Extra work for Farmer Job (Fruit Sales.)
  • Adding a Fuel System.
  • Adding a Fast Food Restaurant.
  • Switching up the Tattoo Parlors.


We thought we would keep you guys in the loop on what is happening in regards to the server. If you guys have any suggestions on changes you think we should make, then please leave them in the comments section below.  


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