New Year, New Server Updates

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Great, now that that’s all over, I can get back to functioning like a normal human being! Instead of New Year, New Me, this is a short New year, New Server Updates post. Huzzah!


New Player board.

Our server now has a cleaner and nicer looking player board. We are still testing it at the moment, so bugs such as names duplicating when people are offline may or may not occur. However, we are aware of this issue and are working on it.


New Sit Combination.

ESX is the framework we are currently using. These guys changed the sitting on a bench function to a different key combination. [Ctrl + E]


New Vehicle Livery Menu.

Due to the conflict with controllers, Sabbo has managed to install a livery menu and bind it to F10 in order to stop your Car livery from changing every time you break.


We hope you guys have a fantastic year of roleplay and we look forward to seeing you guys in the city!

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