Top 3 Useful Tips When Seeking Medical Roleplay

When new players first join servers they can be unsure of how to interact during medical roleplay. Here at PandemoniumRP, we thought it would be useful to give a helping hand to those who are new to experiencing Medical roleplay.


1. Contact EMS Staff Beforehand If You Have Planned Role Play.

If you are planning to go into a coma, give birth or summon the holy spirit from your spleen (kidding) then it is only really fair that you give the Medical Staff a chance to do research in how to assist and treat you. Contacting Medical staff out of character is probably one of the nicest things a player could do when planning larger roleplay situations. While we understand that it sometimes just happens, it overall causes less stress to those who are role-playing as a Doctor or EMT.


2. Use /Me to Give Symptoms.

If something unexpected has happened to you (which is what happens in most Medical Emergencies) you should use the /me function to show what symptoms you have.


“ /me has one gunshot wound to the knee”
“/me is unconscious”
“/me has a weak pulse”

This will then allow the Doctor or EMT to perform the medical role play that they wish to do.


3. Do Not Waste the Time of an EMT or Doctor.

If you are being treated and keep drifting in and out of a coma when you are wanting your character to go into a coma or die. You are wasting time, resources and most likely frustrating and stressing out other role players. If you are going to die or go into a coma, do not drag it out for too long.

I hope you guys found these tips useful! If you have any further questions then please leave them in the comments below or contact an Administrator or Developer on Discord.


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  1. I also find that if you are planning to fall of cranes in the city let local PD know your going to die or else they will get scared

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