New Players: Fixing Your Sound Settings

Due to FiveM being a mod of your Sound settings will have reset and will not have carried over from GTA V.


I Can’t Hear What People Are Saying, HELP ME!!!

Usually, when you can’t hear people talking it means one of three things:

1. Everyone in the city is mute and the apocalypse is happening.

2. Two you are set to whisper (Shift + H to change to Normal or Shout.)

3. Three your Voice chat settings are disabled.


To enable your voice chat settings to go to Settings > Voice Chat and then turn your voice chat and then make sure your Output Device is set to your Headset or Speakers and adjust your Volume accordingly.



I Can’t Talk, SAVE ME!!!

When you first arrive in the city your microphone settings will either be disabled or switched to Push-to-Talk.

If you are just having a Push-to-Talk problem, the key binding for FiveM’s Push-to-Talk keybinding is N.

However, if your problems are still ongoing you might want to do check to see if your microphone is enabled. To see if your microphone is enabled go to Settings > Voice Chat.

After you have done this you will want to enable your microphone and make sure it is set to the correct input device. Once you have done this you will want to adjust your microphone sensitivity and then adjust your microphone accordingly.



If you have any additional problems, please contact one of our Administrators or Developers on Discord.

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