New Players: Server Commands to Conquer

When joining our server at first things can be confusing because things are different here in comparison to other servers. Our server works off of commands, mainly because in real life certain things would happen in places where we can’t put storage or blips. So we thought we would create a post which contains all of our Server Commands for you guys to use!

/skin is used to change your characters clothes in places that would make roleplay sense. Places such as Closets, Lockers, Cars, and workplace are all places that make sense to store your clothing.

/pv is a command that is used to summon your vehicle. It is recommended to do a /me before summoning your vehicle so that you can call for a valet. Any possible parking area is acceptable for using this command.

/campfire is used to summon a campfire when camping.

/tent is used to summon a tent when camping.

/chair is used to summon a chair for you to sit on using Shift+E

/delcampfire is used to delete your campfire.

/deltent is used to delete your tent.

/delchair is used to delete your chair.

/register is used to register a new a new character. You can then use /skin to change their appearance.

/charlist lists your characters that you have registered.

/charselect number
/charselect is used to switch your characters.

/chardel number
delete a Character.

/taxi is used to call for a local taxi driver.

/togglegps allows you to both enable and disable your gps while on foot and while in a car as a passenger.

/Toggleooc allows you to enabled and disable /ooc.

/Livery number
Use this to change your Car Livery.

/setheadlights number
Changes the colour of your headlights.

F2 is used to access inventory, invoices, quick GPS, Animations, Pets, Vehicle Interactions, Vehicle Extra’s and your Phone.

F6 is your job menu. However, this only applies to certain jobs.

F9 allows you to use cruise control.

Shift + H
Control + H allows you to change your voice radius from Normal to Shout or Whisper.

Up + Down Arrow Keys
Pressing both Up and Down arrow keys at the same time will allow you to see the cities player list.

pressing B makes your character point. 

hitting U both enables and disables our ragdoll function. 

pressing K allows you to remove helmets, glasses, masks and ear accessories from your character.

Locks your car.

pressing X stops Animations.

to take a photo hit Z. If you wish to exit photo mode then use BACKSPACE.

To access your Vehicle Inventory.

Left Arrow Key.
Left Blinker.

Right Arrow Key.
Right Blinker.

If you know of any other commands that we might have missed, let us know in the comments below or contact our Administrators through discord. 

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