New Players: Roleplay Language Translation Guide

Roleplaying on a new server can be daunting, especially if you have never heard anyone use Roleplay Language. Today I am going to give you a basic roleplay language translation guide for newer players to help you thrive in our city. Wither it be referencing NPC’s or Logging Off, PandemoniumRP has your back!

1. Call them “Locals.”
While our NPC’s can be funny and interesting. We would prefer it if you called them Locals. This idea was based on the fact that they live locally in San Andreas, while most of our Civilians (player characters) are most likely to be from other cities.

2. Say “Hoping into my head.”
When someone in our server says “I’m going to hop into my head” it usually means they are going AFK. This indicates surrounding Roleplayers that your character is around physically but not mentally, without breaking character.

3. Falling Asleep.
Falling asleep indicates to surrounding players that you are having to log off. However, sometimes you might have to relog, to which then you would then say “I need to fall asleep and wake back up” to players who are with you.

4. Heading out of The City.
This is another alternative to falling asleep. Some players (those in a relationship role play) might indicate that their other half is out of the city on business and use other locations from the Grand Theft Auto universe such as Liberty or Vice City.

5. Hello Kitty Bandaid.
Asking for a Hello Kitty Bandaid is an easy way to indicate that you just want to be revived and don’t want intense medical role play. This can only be used when dealing with minor accidents.

6. Say “I’m in Pain.”
Saying you are in Pain will indicate to those around you that you need medical treatment or health.

7. Say “In my dreams.”
If you really need to reference something that has happened IRL please say that it happened in a dream or nightmare.

8. Say “Deportation.”
When referencing characters or players that have banned, just say that they were deported.

Breaking Character on a continuous basis can result in a kick and then a  ban from our server.

If you have any further Questions or Queries, please contact our Moderators on Discord.

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