FiveM Update – GTA V Doomsday DLC: PandemoniumRP Affected

FiveM Update effects PandemoniumRP - Doomsday

FiveM has recently updated and added some content from GTA V Doomsday DLC. While we at PandemoniumRP are ecstatic to see some of the content. It does mean that our team will be working to get the server up to scratch. Which means we might not be live or functioning like we normally would tonight.

Basically what we suspect has happened is that the update has caused a problem with the hashes (which are item numbers.) So basically, the new hashes have knocked the other ones around. Imagine a row of green bottles on a shelf, someone decides to add a snazzy new red one and it knocks the other ones over. Some of them are fine and others fall off the shelf and smash. Well, that is pretty much what has happened.

We would appreciate any help with QA Testing and any emotional support for Sabbo!!!

If you guys have any questions or feedback please contact me on our community discord!
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