New Players | Job Tutorial | How to do the Bank Security Job

How to Do the Bank Security Job (with Video Tutorial.)

In this video tutorial, we show you guys how to do the Bank Security Job for FiveM GTA V Roleplay Servers. When starting the Bank Security Job you will start at the Job Centre and travel to the Union Depository Offices.

Once you have arrived, you should collect your uniform and vehicle to start the job!


Union Depository Office – Accessed from Car Park Entrance on Alta Street.


When you are in your vehicle, all you will have to do is follow the waypoints until your dispatcher tells you to return to the office.


After you have finished the job, return the vehicle and change back into your civilian clothes.

We are aware that the work clothing can be weird for females. If you have any issues when changing back to your regular clothing just use /skin and switch genders quickly to get your civilian clothes.

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