PandemoniumRP | Animation Hotkeys | Developer Update

While you guys have been busy roleplaying in our city. Our Skygod Sabbo has been busy working on some nifty Hotkey animations for you guys to use! We realised that we needed some hotkey animations due to streamers and players standing and interacting without doing anything. I’m excited to announce that this means that we can sit on ledges, chairs and sofas!


Shift + G = Sit Down.
When sitting down you guys will have to make sure that you have jumped on to the item that you wish to sit on.

Shift + L = Lean.
When you’re trying to lean, make sure you go into first person and stand with your back as close as possible to the item you wish to lean on.

Shift + M = Cop Stand.
This can be used by both Police and Civilians.

Shift + , = Lean on Counter.
If you are leaning on something, make sure you stand close to it.


We are working on some extra things for you guys. If you wish to be kept up-to-date on what our lead developer is doing. Then don’t forget to check out our discord and twitter! We love this community and we are always looking to improve our server!

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