Developer Update | Drugs System | Rebalancing

Coke, Meth, Opium and Weed.

Over the past few weeks, we have been noticing people exploiting our drugs system. Which left us with no choice other than to make a few changes to our drugs system and remove those people from our community. So, you have all those sucky exploiters to thank for these changes.

You will no longer receive your baggies of product every few seconds. Instead, you will receive them at the end of the timer, which means you will get all your product at each location after six minutes. The amount of money that you will generate depends on how many police officers are on duty. Meth & Coke will only require one Police Officer. Meanwhile, Opium will require 3 Police Officers on duty. Weed is 100% legal in our city. However, there has been a price buff.


Average Sales Amount per Run.

Weed: 60k per hour.
Coke: 80-100k per hour.
Meth: 80-100k per hour.
Opium 90-120k per hour.



We understand that the constant changes can be annoying or aggravating. However, we do appreciate the help of the community. We have made these changes to make the city more enjoyable for the real crime roleplayers. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below or alternatively contact an Admin through discord.

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