Los Santos Real Estate | Notice of Tenacy Termination

Rental and Leasing Contract Renewals.

Subject to the reduction of local government funding all tenants are hereby given 1 week’s notice prior to the termination of their tenancy agreement. Tenants must vacate their respective property and surrender all keys related to said properties by May 4th 2018.

Clients wishing to negotiate new rental or lease agreements should book an appointment with the Los Santos Real Estate Agency. Los Santos Real Estate will also provide 3rd party movers to ensure all client property is transferred safely and securely to their new residence.


Rent will now range from 20k – 50k per week.
Del Perro Heights increased to 300k to buy.
Leases will now range from 75k – 150k.


These do not apply if you have purchased your home or business. Should you wish to know more about this information please contact Jake Smith, Josh Jackson or Jason Tunning.

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