Showing Respect – Harassment

The fact that I am even having to write this blog post is pissing me off. It’s common sense not to harass people online. Yet every day I am getting reports of harassment from both men and women. I myself have experienced it daily and I am tired of seeing people deal with it. So, I wanted to write a post on what to do on the server if someone is being a creep.

Planned Roleplay or Harassment is fine if both parties understand and agree upon boundaries that they have both set. However, unplanned Harassment WILL NOT be tolerated.

If someone is harassing, you on the server and you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Your character has the right to shoot them, even if they are unarmed. If the harassment extends to Social Media, please take screenshots of the harassment and report it to an Admin so we can have the person removed from the community. If they are harassing you outside of the city, you also have the right to contact your local authorities.

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