PDM Car Dealership News – Do’s and Don’ts

Right now we are aware of a bug that is causing cars do not appear in your personal vehicle garage (/pv.)

While this issue is ongoing (and while we try to figure out what is going on.)
Admins are asking you to please take screenshots before and after each purchase. This way, there is evidence of the amount money spent and we can reimburse you.

We would also advise against buying a vehicle if it doesn’t load in the shop. Should you do this, there is nothing we can do and we will not be reimbursing people for making this mistake.

Vehicle resales will also be cut down to 50%, this is mainly because people have been abusing a bug and have been exploiting it.

We would finally like to point out that the high price of a vehicle doesn’t mean high performance.  Bigger doesn’t always mean better.




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