How to Get in Touch with Staff Through Out of Character Chat

While we as a Team appreciated all the help and feedback from the community. When the server is full and there is a lot of scenarios going on, it can be difficult for Staff to respond effectively to emergency situations.

It’s our jobs as Staff or “Government Agents/Sky Beings” to protect the city from 23-19’s (baldies/clones) and hackers. It is also sometimes our job to referee unfair scenarios (RDM/VDM/FailRP.)

I will be honest and say that things have been stressful due to the sudden influx of members of our community. I myself have had to sacrifice my own roleplay to fix situations. Most of our Staff are roleplayers first and Staff second. Meaning we were roleplayers before we were staff and still want to be able to roleplay.

So, to allow us to handle situations quickly when addressing us in out of character chat with situations, we ask that you provide the following information:

– Your Citizen ID.
– Summary of the situation
– Description of the Player/Vehicle (if applicable.)

Providing this information will help us deal with situations quicker and will also clear up the amount of /OOC chat. You can also contact us through the ‘Contact the admins’ channel in the discord.

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