Interface Toggles | How to Remove Our Interface for Screenshots

Due to the fact that we have streamers and community members who enjoy creating online content. We have always felt that there was a need for disabling aspects of our interface to improve both our immersion and Digital Content. Well, today you can all rejoice as I am about to give you some commands that will change your roleplaying experience FOREVER, or at least for as long as you are playing on our server.

F10 removes the basic interface.

Togglevhud allows you to turn off and on the part of the interface that shows your vocal range (Whisper, Normal and Shout.)



Togglecarhud Turns off Fuel and MPH.

Togglestreet allows you to turn the street names on and off.

Togglechat is a great way to disable chat when trying to take screenshots.

Toggleooc is an absolute godsend if you are an experienced roleplayer as you can turn OOC off and on again. This is HIGHLY recommended for streamers.

All of these commands can be toggled back on by writing them again in the chatbox.

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