Black Market Changes.

FiveM Update effects PandemoniumRP - Doomsday

Due to the high volume of Fail Roleplay and people being silly with Black Market Weapons, most of the cities Admins have had a meeting and discussed the following changes.

The Black Market as a point will be disabled and replaced with a vendor (admin) who will arrive once a week and take orders from one criminal leader.

This will be put in place until people can learn to behave and play by the rules that are stated.

“Black Market Weapons and Vehicles.
Black Market Vehicles and Heavy Weapons (Rockets, Miniguns, and Bombs) should only be used during intense and planned roleplay situations such as Heists, Assassinations, and Convoys. Weapons such as Melee, Sniper Rifles, Jerry Cans, and Shotguns can be used at any point.”

We made this server on a trust basis between members who were originally a small community. We expect you guys as guests on our server to show us the same respect by sticking to our rules and not firing off automatic weapons on a constant basis.

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