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The Pandemonium Community has had a couple of questions in regards to the server reset. Today I am proud to announce that I can give you guys some information on the reset and brand new server.

Pandemonium is going to be hosting a Whitelisted Beta event which will run two weeks in parallel with the public server. The Beta will be kicking off on Sunday 10th of February at 01:00 GMT. The requirements for the Beta Access will be a request sent via the Application For and at least 7 hours of activity before Saturday the 9th of February. During these two weeks both the public and the beta will be running along aside each other, however, the Beta server will be going through some changes and restarts to help locate and any issues found.

The estimated time for the closing of the current Public Server will be February 28th. Which brings me on to the next piece of news.

Custom Cars.
It is unlikely that we will be launching with custom cars. For a limited time, we will mainly be using more vanilla type cars with some light edits made to them.

The Economy.
We still haven’t found an economical balance for the city yet, so the currency value and time spent obtaining money may still fluctuate a little.

We started to feel like our branding was so last year. Along with a new server, our panda will be getting some nice new surroundings (check out the image below.)

If you have further questions in regards to the reset please feel free to send myself (City Mother/Dapper) a DM via Discord and I will be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. I look forward to seeing what you guys do with your characters and the stories you create using the new server.

More News on The Pandemonium Beta Server.

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