New Players: Getting Started on our GTARP Server

A Guide to Help Your First Hour in Los Santos.
Getting started as a New Player can be challenging in our GTARP Server. So today we are giving a tutorial on how to overcome the most common issues New Players face when joining PandemoniumRP.

Registering Your Characters Name and Identity.
Sometimes you may misclick or hit a button that you didn’t mean to when you first join. In order to create a name, you need to hit T on your keyboard and type /register, once you have done that just fill out the fields with a realistic name and hit enter.

Creating You Character.
It is important that your change your characters looks and clothes, as running around with checked shoes often gets you in trouble. You may hear citizens calling you a “23-19” or a “baldie” and tell you to change your clothes, this means you need to create a different look for your character. To do this use /skin.

When using /skin, it is important to remember that Torso – 1 is pretty much a jacket and T-shirt -1 acts as an undershirt which can go under some jackets, but not all. If your Torso is a hoodie or jumper, you can set your T-shirt to 15 (for men) and 34 (women) to hide the undercoat. You will also need to adjust the arms to the right setting for your outfit. You can do this by using Arrow keys to navigate around the menu and num keys to move the camera. You can also press ‘ or B to check for clipping/tearing on clothing.

Can’t Move or See?
You have probably put yourself in Selfie mode by hitting Z, press backspace to exit.

Can’t Stand up?
Press U a couple of times to stand back up. Hitting U can both trigger and stop ragdoll mode.

Can’t Hear Anything?
Check out our Sound Tutorial.

Any Server Commands?
Here is a list of our Server Commands.

Ready to hit the streets?
Once you a ready to leave, you can call for a Taxi by using F2>Self>Phone and by clicking on the call Icons and hitting your Left Arrow Key. If there are no Taxi drivers awake in the city, you can call for a local taxi by hitting T and typing /taxi. Press E to get in the taxi and F to steal it, then use your GPS to find your way to the Job Centre (the big purple Icon.)

Job Centre?
When it comes to roleplay, choosing a job shouldn’t be based on income, it should be based on what your characters aspirations and interests are. However, if you are looking for a good starting point Tailoring and Bus Driving are both fun jobs.

Medical RP?
If you end up falling unconscious during your first few encounters. Call for an EMS using your phone (F2>Self>Phone>Call Icon>Left Arrow Key.) Once the EMS has arrived on the scene please hit T and write out your characters symptoms using /me. You can also respond to the EMT/Doctors texts via /me too.

(Example: /me is unconscious.
/me isn’t breathing.
/me has fallen and hit their head.)

This will then help the EMS out with their RP and make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.

We hope you found this tutorial useful, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact an Admin or Moderator via our Discord. We look forward to seeing you guys in the city!

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