Job Advertisement: Los Santos EMS: **OPEN**.

Job Ref: 253/0419.
Job Role: Jr. Paramedic/Intern.
Salary Starting: $12500 PCM.
Location: Pillbox Hill, Los Santos.

Job Description.
We are currently looking for a Passionate and Enthusiastic Paramedics to join our First Response Team. While working on the job our Paramedics are expected to be able to work as a team while being able to show initiative. We also expect our Paramedics to remain respectful and polite to members of the public and other emergency services. Our Paramedics also should be able to operate in a calm manner during stressful and dangerous situations.

Requirements [Out of Character.]
Good Communication Skills.
Basic knowledge of Discord.
A good sense of humor.
Must be willing to learn.

Requirements [In Character.]
Be willing to Learn while on the Job.
An interest in Medicine.
Knowledge of Basic First Aid.
IT Skills.
Ability to accept and learn from Criticism.
Strong Work Ethic.
Positive Attitude.

If you wish to apply for this job, please notify the Chief of EMS or Head Medical Examiner on discord with your application. To apply for this job, please click here.

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