Job Advertisement: PandemoniumTaxi **OPEN**

Business: PandemoniumTaxi.
Job role: Taxi Driver.
Starting Salary: $10,000 PCM.
Location: East Vinewood, Tangerine Street, Los Santos.

Has been established for over 74 years, supplying a quality, professional and prompt service to our customers within Los Santos, LA. PandemoniumTaxi offers a complete portfolio of services ranging from the usual Taxies, Executive, Luxurious and Courier vehicles.

We pride ourselves on being a very professional, efficient, reliable and customer friendly company specialising in extensive services that include: all local trips, airport trips, distance travel, weddings, business meetings, conferences, events, contract work, station and hospital collections and much more.

Our fleet of currently 6+ licensed drivers enables us to be the largest Taxi company in Los Santos, 24hours a day, 365 days of the year. Having procured an innovative and computerised booking and dispatch system, we can guarantee that our service is the most efficient you will find in Los Santos, LA and beyond.

Requirements. (In Character.)

  • Very strong communication skills.
  • Really good and adaptive attitude.
  • Careful and smart planning.
  • Good driving skill.
  • Clean record for the most part.
  • Discretion of private information.
  • Good English skills.
  • Great sense of humour.
  • Strong time management and work ethic.
  • Common sense.

Requirements (Out of Character.)

  • Discord knowledge.
  • English language a must.
  • A week in the server.
  • Positive attitude and be willing to give and earn respect accordingly IC.
  • No meta/power-gaming.
  • Understanding of RP required.
  • 18+.
  • Common Sense (is a must.)

If you wish to apply for this job, please click here and then notify @Foxi#6154 via DM or in-city via #932-1899 .

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