Los Santos Police Department **OPEN**

Job Role: Officer of the Law Starting Salary:15,000 Location: LSPD, Mission Row

Our mission: It is our mission to make the city of Los Santos a safe place to live and to make the day to day run smoothly for its citizens by preventing crime and upholding the law. We must at all times conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence. We shall make our presence known to reduce fear and improve quality of life.

What does this mean? It means that during any given circumstance must we communicate in a calm matter and provide justification for our actions. We shall use marked vehicles and uniforms to make it clear to the public that we are a figure of authority, safety and law.

Do you have: The ability to stay calm under stressful situations? Respect for people no matter their social status? Attention to detail? Ability to work with a team? Keen learning mentality? A passion to help other? Are you mentally and physically fit? Appreciation for the law?

If you’re looking for variable, interesting work with the ability to progress up the ranks, an Officer within the Los Santos Police Department is the job for you. No two days are the same in Los Santos with an ever-growing community of lawbreakers and misfits. Working with your fellow Officers, you will patrol the streets of LS, carrying out periodic welfare checks, and responding to Emergency calls when they arise.

No previous experience is required as you will receive on the job training.

Requirements (IC):

Positive attitude 1 week minimum in the city 10 hours average commitment per week Communication skills Strong Work Ethic Ability to take criticism and learn from it

Requirements (OOC):

18+ A sense of humor Communication skills TeamSpeak (Mandatory) Discord

If you wish to apply for this job please click here

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