Newest Updates And What To Expect in 2020

Job Bug fixes

Balanced salary on several jobs to match the work that has to be put in

Some jobs require that you are active while others are more passive meaning you can earn money while mainly AFK. The salary now reflects your activity level, the more you have to work in game the more you will be rewarded. This felt like a fair update and represents real life more.

Added vehicles to jobs that didn’t have them

Please let me know in the comments if you found another job that is still lacking a vehicle.

Made start location on some jobs easier to locate

Changed the fishing jobs delivery point to a more appropriate location

Added part-time jobs

You can now do jobs while currently hired by a different company. Type /premiums in game to see a list of available jobs and which one currently pays the most. Different types of delivery jobs, weed farmer and more.

Re-added the chop shop script

The chop shop is a way for you to do criminal activities out of the ordinary. You steal cars and deliver them to the chop shop where you sell their parts. Find the location on the map or ask around.

Removed the damage system temporarily

The damage system has some issues with not always working with bandages and is temporarily turned off as it was mainly an inconvenience. When I have figured out how to make it work properly it will be turned on again

What is to be expected in 2020?

There will be a bigger focus on making the start-up experience more enjoyable. Adding ways to create content either if you like to solo RP or RP with people and making it less “grindy”. This includes a rework in the crafting system and adding underground items that can be crafted. The goal is to make the system work in a way that the items will be difficult to craft and everyone has a chance to be able to create them, providing new services and RP experiences.

Changes in how white-listed jobs are being handled

The whitelisted jobs are some of the jobs that provide the most amount of roleplay and is a great way for new players to get to know those in the city (calling for a mechanic or a taxi).

These jobs needs to be filled and the owners of them need to take responsibility for doing so. Starting January 1st there is a 14h/week playtime required from those in charge of white-listed busninesses. If you fail to do this for 3 weeks straight you might be removed from your job and you need to explain as to why it has been so. You’re allowed to go on vacation/take breaks but need to give a heads-up first. If you are away without an explanation for one month straight the government will seize your property.

Adding more incentive to play

We are looking into adding more server-hosted events and we are up for discussion as to what that could be.

Using the website more for news and devblogging

While discord is a great way to update the devblog and give news, it only reach those who are well established within the server. We aim to use the website more to have most information at the same place and for it to be more easily accessible. The devblog will be updated weekly where you can read what changes have been made and what is currently being worked on.

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