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Hey guys, so today the PandemoniumRP Staff wanted to clarify what the PvP restricted Green zones are to prevent people from breaking rules and getting in trouble.
The PvP restricted Green Zones are areas which the following are NOT ALLOWED TO HAPPEN:

– Weapon Brandishing or Discharging it.

– Kidnapping.

– Threats.

– Criminal/Cop Baiting (banned all over the map but still needs to be said.)

– Purposefully committing to acts of violence.

– Exploding Cars.

– Assassination Attempts.

These restricted zones are the blocks containing Legion Square, Mission Row and Pillbox Medical Centre.

While we understand that conflict RP drives story. However, we would like to remind that those who are engaging in that type of RP to plan events (whether it be IC or OOC) in different locations rather than in the green zones.

We will be making additional alterations to the Rules in regards to the Green Zones.

We hope this clears things up,

Kind Regards,

Pandemonium Staff.

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