Top Five Tips for Players Who Are New to Roleplay.

Roleplay can be difficult at the best of times for experienced players. However, for new roleplayers, joining a new community and server can be a daunting experience, especially when surrounded by well-established characters. If you are new to roleplay then here are some tips for you to read before you create your character.

1. Use your own voice.

Unless you have wicked voice acting abilities, you might find it easier to use your own voice for your first character. Play to the advantage of your own personality and voice. Especially if you have a distinguished accent such as Southern American, Scottish, Irish or Scandinavian. Diversity among voices is always welcomed within roleplay, especially if it is natural, your own voice is your strength.

2. Do research on your character.

Most new players tend to create a character without actually thinking what they want to do with them. You should be thinking about the backstory and traits of your character and how you can implement it into interactions. My first character was autistic (mainly because I have autism) so I made her have autistic meltdowns when she got overwhelmed and I also gave her a sing-song voice which made her use the wrong tone of voice sometimes.

3. Learn the Server Rules.

Learning the Rules of a Server is one of the most important things to do when you are new to roleplay. Mainly because knowing the rules can stop you from getting into trouble with administrators and moderators. Walking up to a group of people for no roleplay reason and shooting them might seem like a fun time to you, but to other roleplayers, it is viewed as Random Deathmatching which is actually frowned upon within the roleplay community.

4. Differentiate between Roleplay and Reality.

One of the things I have found as a roleplayer is that other players tend to have a hard time differentiating my characters thoughts from mine. If someone is saying mean things to your character, it doesn’t mean that they themselves dislike you, it just means that their character is having issues with your character. Alternatively, if a player is flirting with your character, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have feelings for you, it just means that they are interested in your character.

5. Be considerate of other Players when breaking Character.

While character breaking situations sometimes can’t be helped. You should really try and be considerate of other players. If players are anything like me, they will hate breaking character or worse having people walking up and breaking their emersion. In some servers, breaking character can be a bannable offense. However, the rules on the server owners themselves.

I hope that you find these tips for new players useful. However, if you are an experienced player reading this blog post, then please feel free to leave your tips in the comment section below.

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