New Players | Job Tutoiral | How to do the Tailor Job.

How to do the Tailor Job.

The Tailor Job is one of the jobs that seem to be popular with our community. In this job, you travel throughout the city designing and delivering clothing.


Step 1: Travel to the Clothing Factory, pick up your Uniform and supplied Vehicle.

The office is located inside Darnell Bros on Popular Street.


Step 2: Travel to the Wool collection and collect Wool.


The Farmhouse is located in Grapeseed, Blaine County.


Step 3: Travel back to the Office and turn the Wool into Fabric.


Step 4: Turn the Fabric into Clothing.


Step 5: Deliver the Clothing to the Clothes Store.

Binco on Sinner Street.


Tailoring is a fun job that earns you a lot of cash per run as well as a base salary. This job gives you plenty opportunity to network with other citizens and gang leaders in different areas of the map. However, the best part of the job is the mass amount of fun you can have while playing with the F3 Emotes Menu.

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