This is the commands you can use when you press ‘T’ and the “skybox” pops up 🙂

/services to see number of players/jobs online

/tell id message (i.e /tell 33 Hey) privately sends a message to the other party


/showjob to check your job

/societybalance this is used if you are a job boss and want to check the balance of the society account

/helmet # texture# (i.e /helmet -1 0)

/tatclean will wipe your tattoos

/radon phone radio on

/radoff phone radio off

/mapstyle # (i.e /mapstyle 2) There are 0-3 and it will change your minimap style

/anchor to anchor your boat 

/unanchor to release the anchor on your boat

/3dme this is used to show a /me only on your player instead of in the ‘skybox’

/me this is used to show a message in the ‘skybox’ (i.e /me thinks she should get food)

/loadout this is used for cops/ems/mechanics to give them the appropriate items they need to do their jobs

/tab this is to bring up a tablet for you to use

/treeson this is for when you head north the newer trees will pop up for you

/treesoff this is when you don’t want to see the pretty trees anymore

/maxspeed #.# in mph (i.e /maxspeed 44.3) this will set a speed limiter for your vehicle

/setheadlights 1-13 this will change the color of your headlights

/setinterior 1-160 this will set the color of your interior

/setdash 1-160 this will set the color of your dash

/cardisable will disable your vehicle if it gets stolen

/carlocate will locate your vehicle if you lose it

/wander the car will drive itself

/autopilot this will take you to your destination without you having to control your vehicle

/mask # # (i.e /mask -1 0) same as helmet

/park will park your vehicle

/valet will bring your vehicle back to the most recent spot you parked it

/taxi will call for either a local taxi or a civilian taxi

/tow calls a local tow truck

/twt puts out a tweet on twitter

/ooc lets you contact staff in the server without breaking character

/skin allows you to change your appearance

/livery # (i.e /livery 2) changes the ‘skin’ on vehicles

/cross crosses your arms

/register allows you to register a new character on the same account if you want an alias for your main character

/charselect 1-6 allows you to choose which character you’d wish to be

/campfire spawns a campfire

/chair spawns a chair

/tent spawns a tent

/deltent deletes the tent

/delchair deletes the chair

/bed spawns a bed but it needs to be at the hospital

/removebed removes the bed you spawned


/e help This will bring up a list of emotes you can do without having to go into your f2 menu