Tag: SGT. North

LSPD Blotter | Tyrone Kendrick | Case Number: 1803-F-0009

  Date of Arrest: 14/3/2018. DOB: 17/03/1991 Charges: Aggravated amend robbery, brandishing a firearm, unlawful discharge of a firearm, Class 2 drug distribution, unlawful consumption Arresting Officers: Chief Stryker, Deputy Chief Nomad, Detective Cats, Officer North. Mission Row Div

LSPD Blotter | Pipa 2001 | Case number 1803-F-0007

  Date of Arrest: 13/3/2018 DOB: 06/19/91. Charges: 2x Running Red light, Reckless Driving, illegal passing, Evading arrest, failure to comply, 2x possession of a class 2 weapon, possession of a class 1 weapon. Arresting Officers: Deputy Chief Nomad & Officer North. Mission Row Div.