Tag: Server Updates

Interface Toggles | How to Remove Our Interface for Screenshots

Due to the fact that we have streamers and community members who enjoy creating online content. We have always felt that there was a need for disabling aspects of our interface to improve both our immersion and Digital Content. Well, today you can all rejoice as I am about to give you some commands that

Developer Update | Drugs System | Rebalancing

Coke, Meth, Opium and Weed. Over the past few weeks, we have been noticing people exploiting our drugs system. Which left us with no choice other than to make a few changes to our drugs system and remove those people from our community. So, you have all those sucky exploiters to thank for these changes.

FiveM Update – GTA V Doomsday DLC: PandemoniumRP Affected

FiveM has recently updated and added some content from GTA V Doomsday DLC. While we at PandemoniumRP are ecstatic to see some of the content. It does mean that our team will be working to get the server up to scratch. Which means we might not be live or functioning like we normally would tonight.

New Year, New Server Updates

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Great, now that that’s all over, I can get back to functioning like a normal human being! Instead of New Year, New Me, this is a short New year, New Server Updates post. Huzzah!   New Player board. Our server now has a cleaner and nicer looking player board.