Interface Toggles | How to Remove Our Interface for Screenshots

Due to the fact that we have streamers and community members who enjoy creating online content. We have always felt that there was a need for disabling aspects of our interface to improve both our immersion and Digital Content. Well, today you can all rejoice as I am about to give you some commands that

New Players | Job Tutoiral | How to do the Tailor Job.

How to do the Tailor Job. The Tailor Job is one of the jobs that seem to be popular with our community. In this job, you travel throughout the city designing and delivering clothing.   Step 1: Travel to the Clothing Factory, pick up your Uniform and supplied Vehicle.   Step 2: Travel to the

PandemoniumRP Is Now Accepting Applicants for the Whitelist Server

Due to the increased amount of disruptive players that appear on the public server, PandemoniumRP has now opened a whitelist server. The whitelisted server is a private server for dedicated role players who want to enjoy role play without being disturbed, Rule breaks on the whitelisted server will not be tolerated.   Criteria that have to be

How to Get in Touch with Admins Through Out of Character Chat

While we as a Team appreciated all the help and feedback from the community. When the server is full and there is a lot of scenarios going on, it can be difficult for Admins to respond effectively to emergency situations. It’s our jobs as Admins or “Government Agents/Sky Beings” to protect the city from 23-19’s

PDM Car Dealership News – Do’s and Don’ts

Right now we are aware of a bug that is causing cars do not appear in your personal vehicle garage (/pv.) While this issue is ongoing (and while we try to figure out what is going on.) Admins are asking you to please take screenshots before and after each purchase. This way, there is evidence